Tuesday, January 28, 2014

When IVF Fails ,Other Therapies Can Help - By Professor Oladapo Ashiru

Mrs. Y.M. came to MART on referral by a friend on September 2011 at the age of 37. She had been married for three years. Past medical history showed that she had one patent tube, as shown by the X-ray of the tubes.

She had three failed IVF attempts at two different IVF clinics in Lagos. In many of the IVF trials, she said, they failed because no eggs were found. On one occasion, they found eggs but the result was still not positive. A donor egg alternative was recommended for her, but she rejected this because she was very uncomfortable with the idea.

On examination, she weighed 82.2kg, and had normal blood pressure. She works in an oil company. And though she works in the office, she takes occasional trips to the field in the Niger-Delta region.

She went through our normal IVF programme, which included ovarian and sperm improvement regimes.  She was given this because she was told that if she had problem with egg production some few years back, now at 37 it must be a bit more difficult.
Luckily, during egg recovery procedure on January 27, 2012, two eggs were retrieved and one embryo eight-cell Grade A was transferred on January 30th.This attempt was also unsuccessful by her pregnancy test.

We conducted a failure analysis protocol on her case. A number of recommendations were highlighted for her. The most significant one was that if she did not want a donor egg, then her only possible option was to go for a 10-day Mayr therapy to detoxify. Thereafter, the chances of having eggs may be improved. She was counselled that the Mayr therapy practice at the Martlife Detox Clinic, which was about to open then, was known to have helped many women conceive after the therapy. The babies are called Mayr babies.

She accepted to go for the therapy. She prayed hard that this therapy should work for her so she would not need donor egg for her IVF. That was where the Asyra test (a bio-energetic scan of the body systems) showed that she had several environmental toxins in her that had weakened her reproductive system. A 10-day therapy plan was arranged for her and her husband in June 2012.

The plan included daily abdominal treatments, Scenar treatment, daily foot detoxification, lymphatic massages, colon irrigation, body hydrotherapy baths, the physiotherm, and several other Mayr protocols. She also had a consultation with Mayr nutritionist who shed more light on her food intolerances. She also went through a lifestyle modification seminar where she learned how to maintain a healthier, toxin-free lifestyle beyond her stay at clinic.

She was discharged and then asked to return to Medical Art Center for a repeat IVF cycle. Mrs. Y.M. called us in August to inform us that she is now pregnant and was very surprised it happened naturally! She said the detoxification worked very well. She delivered a baby boy in February 2013 at the age of 39. The family had a celebration for their baby and and at Mrs. Y.M’s 40th birthday recently, family and friends were so thankful that we could establish the modern Mayr therapy here in Nigeria. They wish many more people would get to know of the treatment sooner than later.

This case has underscored two important facts. One is that there are toxins in our environment and in our work place, especially in such occupations like the oil and gas industry, the paint industry, as well as in the foods such as the stock fish, and large fish like mackerel. All these constitute serious health hazards to us, especially hindering or reducing our reproductive efficiency. Some, at a later date after consumption, can even be carcinogenic.

The second fact is that detoxification can be very helpful in reversing some of the possible damages. I also need to stress that such process must be carefully applied to get rid of identified toxins and individually customised by experts trained to do so in reputable centres.

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